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Chelsea, London // May 2016

Sitting here in Hobart airport on a Sunday night waiting for my flight back to Melbourne, I gather that now is good a time as any to start my blog. Having set up my website last week, and then subsequently spending the following week umming and ah-ing about what to do next; whether it be honing my camera skills or fretting over whether I should set up a hectic photography studio in my bedroom, my boyfriend kindly reminded to me to “just do it”. Thanks boo.


Let me begin by telling you why I have started this fashion blog. To be honest, I have thought long and hard about this answer given that I would have to give some explanation as to why have started this blog at some point and also to explain to my Mum why have paid $120 for my own website if she ever finds this (which is highly unlikely).

Well Mum, I have started this fashion blog because I have a passion for fashion! Okay I am joking with this answer (Margaret Zhang, don’t kill me please). But seriously, my interest in fashion first came from my primary school days and the infamous “out of school uniform days”. We all remember these right, the high times of primary school. The day I looked forward to each term. A week beforehand I asked my friends excitedly, “SO what are you guys wearing for out-of-school-uniform-day?” I was met with an array of confused faces like, “What? Are you seriously asking us that” expressions.

Yes guys, who doesn’t plan their outfits minimum one week in advance? I mean how was I the only one excited about this? My friend Aleena replied “oh I will probably wear my trackies” meanwhile everyone else ignored me and went back to playing Line Tiggy.

The following years consisted of endlessly staying up late on weekends (and occasionally some school nights before being yelled at by my parents) watching Fashion TV on Foxtel. I would just sit and stare at the models sashaying down the runway in couture gowns glued to the TV eating pizza shapes for hours on end.

Going through high school I really began to develop my style, whilst keeping up to date with what was happening on vogue.com. I would go the local library and borrow every fashion magazine available and struggle to carry them back to my mum’s car.  I became fairly obsessed with op-shopping much to my mum’s distaste. “It’s vintage, Mum!”

I love finding old treasures and on overseas family trips to Europe I would make it my aim to hit it up most of the vintage shops around the city. My most successful venture was when I was studying French for one month in Paris. Everyday after my French class I would get on the Metro and spend an hour or two browsing through a different second hand clothing stores. To this day, I am pretty sure I know all of them!

I love mixing the old with the new, I like loud prints, bold colours and wearing things together that you might not initially think ‘will go together’. My favourite thing about style is the everyone has their own and no one is right or wrong. If you wear anything you want with confidence, that means you can ‘pull it off’ and also that you are killing it! You go Glen Coco!

So, in a large nutshell, that’s why I have started Pose & Repeat. I hope you all join me on this journey and that we can be friends in fashion and life!