White Is The New Black


So I know monochrome scares some people. But fear not because I’m going to ease you into it!

The cool thing about monochrome is that it is bold and daring but also really sleek and sophisticated. People will take notice or maybe double take if you’re wearing a solid colour outfit because it is quite striking and will make you stand out from the crowd.

All white is a good start for the monochrome shy because it’s nothing too major like cobalt blue or lime green. Plus wearing all white will make you feel so #fresh!

The trick with an all-white outfit is to add a dash of colour either through shoes or accessories. Here I opted for the blue scarf since the temperature was pretty Arctic that day. But something more subtle would also work, say a necklace with an emerald pendant or khaki leather slip on sneakers.

I would suggest adding one pop of colour only, so if you are doing a coloured belt or extravagant necklace, then you should opt for neutral colour shoes and vice versa. Ultimately you want your monochrome look to be the feature and small pops of colour should only really enhance and accentuate your all-white clothes.


So there you go, now you’re ready to step into the world in all-white errrthing. Rock it girl and get ready to enjoy all eyes on you!

Outfit details:

Jumper – Topshop, similar here / Pants – Tokyo, similar here / Boots – Zara / Bag – Zara / Scarf – similar hereΒ 

How do you feel about wearing monochrome? Comment below!


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