Skater Chic

Monday. 6.05pm. Currently stuck in the most hectic traffic I have ever seen.

You know that little accident sign on Google Maps that’s usually “5-min delay: congestion on freeway”. Um yeah, well that’s “1 hour and 45 minute delay” right now and I’ll be getting home at 8pm. Greaaaaaaat. I think it’s also important to note that this  usually a 15 minute drive on a normal day (the pain is real).

In the time that I have been sitting here in my car there has been blue skies, then a hail storm then a rainbow and now it’s overcast. A normal day, really.

Despite this major setback on a otherwise acceptable Monday, I will push hard to remain an optimist. And if economics taught me anything, it’s that the opportunity cost of sitting in standstill traffic is writing my blog post sneakily and telling you about my weekend.

I’ve been wearing this denim jacket a ridiculous amount lately. It’s oversize so I can layer a bunch of bombers or cardigans underneath it or if the sun is out, wear it over a dress or with denim shorts for some double denim vibes.

My Nike Ultra Tennis sneakers A.K.A. Nike Hyper Whites, were a cinch to pair with this casual dress that I have owned for years now. Plus white sneakers and denim is a classic.



To top it all off, I grabbed my white Brandy Melville baseball cap and Ray Bans and headed out the door with a skateboard underneath my arm to ensure that anyone who saw me thought I was a legit skater gal.


As I rolled down the hill on my board, screaming and arms flailing about, my two ten-year old neighbours shouted out whether I was shooting a YouTube video to which I responded jokingly with “YES!”

As I ran back up the hill, they for some reason had thought I was serious and asked me for the name of my YouTube channel ensuring me that they would subscribe. Okay, no but totally flattered that I would get two views on my amateur skate video on my non-existent YouTube channel. Appreciate the support!


Now I’m off to resume the next 1 hour and 20 minutes listening to Justin Bieber pumping myself up for the concert tickets I scored today! Woo!

Outfit Details:

Denim jacket – Showpo / Dress – Urban Outfitters / Shoes – Nike Tennis Ultra / Sunglasses – Ray Ban / Cap – Brandy Melville


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