New Year, New Pants!



I.AM.GIA Pants (buy here) / Brandy Melville Tank Top (buy here) / Zara Bag (buy here) / White Boots (buy here) / Sunglasses (buy here)

Happy New Year loves!

I just love January, I think it is an excellent opportunity to reset certain aspects of your life if you so desire! Whilst New Year’s resolutions have a bad reputation, I don’t think it is such a terrible idea to set goals for the year ahead. I think the mistake that a lot of us make is we set vague resolutions, for example “I am going to be fit this year”. But we fail to allocate this huge goal into smaller and much more manageable tasks. How will I get fit? How will I change my diet to be more healthy? How many times will I exercise each week? What exercises will I do to achieve my fitness goals? These are all questions that we should be answering when setting goals for ourselves whether it is at the start of the year or in July, September or December!

Anyway, last weekend was beautiful and sunny in Melbourne, so of course I took the opportunity to take some photos featuring one of my favourite brands of the moment, I.AM.GIA. I am sure you will have seen this brand on your favourite celebs and bloggers, it is absolutely all over Instagram right now!

One of the purchases I made from I.AM.GIA are these orange high-waisted check pants. Firstly they are super comfortable and secondly they elongate my legs like crazy! Since the pants are clearly the centre of this outfit, I kept my top, bag and shoes all as black and white to keep the focus on the pants. I am wearing a basic black tank top from Brandy Melville along with a black bag from Zara. For shoes, I chose white boots which I am obsessed with and are also currently super on-trend! They also add some more height which I will never refuse! How do you like this look?



  1. Is it too late to wish you a Happy New Year, Rubi? I hope your 2018 has started off great and that you have managed to come up with achievable goals, I am guilty of those “vague” ideas of how to achieve my goals, but will be working towards making them concrete in the upcoming months and I am very excited. On the outfit front, you look absolutely amazeballs and those pants make you like 2 meters long! Love the vibrant colour and the print. Happy week, babe

    Saida | She talks Glam

    • poseandrepeat

      Happy New Year to you too Saida! That’s great to hear, definitely setting some clear and concrete goals is the way to keep motivated! Thank you so much babe, I really appreciate your sweet comments!! I am loving the vibrant orange too! Have a fun and productive week babe! Much love xx

  2. Samio

    I definitely agree about breaking goals down into chunks like that, It’s a much more manageable way to get things done. And those pants were made for you! They make your legs look super long and I think the way you’ve worn them here with the white boots and the black top, make for a perfect combination! You look amazing!

    Samio x

    • poseandrepeat

      Thanks Samio, so true it is much easier to work towards goals that way! Thank you so much babe, hope you have a fun and productive week!

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