Five Easy Ways to Incorporate Colour into Your Wardrobe


Wearing bold colours is something that many people shy away from but I am here to tell you there is really no need to be afraid of colour. Whether it is using small pops of colour to add interest to an outfit or going for a full-glam monochrome look, it can be used in many ways to your advantage. Just remember that in fashion, there are really no rules. Every style choice you make is awesome, as long as you own it and feel confident in yourself! So, here are five ways to incorporate colour into your style choices like a pro!

#1 Inject Colour with Accessories

If you are a neutral girl through and through and have trouble straying away from black and white, this one is for you girl! Accessories are the easiest way to add some vibrancy when you want to amp up your outfit just the slightest. Think a red cross-body bag and some red tassel earrings to add a bit of excitement to your white tee and blue jeans look.

#2 Try a Coloured Top with Neutral Pants

In my outfit here, I have chosen to rock a bold red linen top. Note how I have kept the rest of my clothing pieces neutral; dark wash grey jeans, white sneakers and a black bag. Choosing one element of colour for your outfit means that there is one focal point and the rest of the pieces nicely complement the look. This also works in the opposite way. Try a pair of orange pants with a black or white tee.

#3 Throw on Coloured Sneakers or Heels

Shoes are another brilliant way to add some colour to your life. If you are keeping it casual, try an adventurous sneaker. For your evening looks, go for a fancy embellished pair of heels to complement your LBD.

#4 Colour Block

Colour blocking involves using colors that are opposites on the colorwheel and pairing them together to make complementary  combinations. Try wearing an orange jumper with some navy blue cigarette pants. This technique doesn’t have to be as loud as you may think, try subdued or pastel tones for the same effect with more subtlety.

#5 Wear One Colour from Head to Toe

Now this is one of my favourites for sure! The most important trick with this tip is to choose a colour and tone which suits you. I’m not asking you to dress top to toe in banana yellow!! Instead, try out a full red look. Be sure to keep your accessories neutral in either black, white or beige tones to balance out the look.

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  1. I love your outfit here! I also do the same thing, focusing on one bright color while keeping the rest of the outfit neutral, I feel like it’s the safest way to experiment with color! I have never tried color-blocking though! It sounds really interesting so I think I’ll be trying it next time I put an outfit together!

    Olga from Myme

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