Denim Lookbook: Sneak Peek


Hello my friends! So sorry for not posting regularly on my blog, I have been taking a bit of hiatus mainly because I have been working hard on other projects which I am SO excited to share with you.

One of the first reasons for the irregularity of my blog was because I was on holiday! But of course, vacations are the best spots to take a bunch of photos and have all the time in the world to blog, Instagram and do some serious damage on social media overload, amirite? Like is there enough #instaworthy cafes and pizzas and blue ocean at your disposal? The answer is yes but sometimes the nicest and most helpful thing can be take a break from it all and switch off. Switching off is different for everyone and obviously comes in varying levels. My version of switching off was not posting any photos to my actual Instagram page or my blog for the first two weeks of my trip whilst in Morocco. Honestly I didn’t actually plan to do this but it sort of happened because I wasn’t accessing my laptop or using DSLR camera too much! I was definitely still taking iPhone photos and uploading to my Insta Stories. When I reached Italy I started posting a bit more and brought back my consistency again. I would totally recommend taking a break from all the online socials once in a while and your vacation is the perfect time to do it even if just for a few days (or hours lol).

Now to share with you what I have been working on! I have started a YouTube channel!!! My channel will be fashion-based and will cover beauty and lifestyle further down the track. I am seriously excited about this but also a bit nervous. It is definitely a nerve-wracking experience to put yourself out their into the online space and it is a bit different to blogging and Instagram. Blogging is more so putting your writing, thoughts (and sometimes photography) into the space and Instagram is more so photography and you can be as much or as little interactive as you like. For YouTube (depending on what your channel is about), your personality is kind of a big deal. Plus starting out is definitely tough, learning all the ropes of lighting, getting the correct camera settings, talking to a camera, feeling awkward and the confusing realm of editing is all part of the process. But the beginning of a new adventure is always the most exciting and I am so intrigued to look back in two years’ time or even a year and see how much I have improved!

So here is my second Youtube video, it consists of a denim lookbook to inspire you in new ways to style the denim pieces you already have in your closet! Obviously I am a denim addict as you know, safe to say I really have a jean obsession. I have linked all the clothes I’m wearing in the Description box on the video.

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Much Love,




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  2. Gabrielle

    Hope you had a great holiday! This lookbook is amazing, adoring the black platform boots and how you’ve paired them with the denim mini and black hoodie. You’re SO gorgeous!

    • poseandrepeat

      I had an awesome vacay, time for another one though lol! Thanks Gab, you are too sweet and I’m so happy you liked the lookbook xx

    • poseandrepeat

      Haha totally agree Magda!! I also can’t resist some Insta snaps even when I’m trying to take a break! Thanks for watching the lookbook babe 🙂

    • poseandrepeat

      Thanks Amanda! Haha I love that sweater too, its actually the Fendi Monster Eyes, it does look so much like eggs on toast now that you mention it :’)

    • poseandrepeat

      Thanks so much, so happy you enjoyed the lookbook! It definitely is totally necessary to take a social media detox from time to time right?!

  3. Welcome back and I totally understand what you mean about taking a break even when on holiday. It’s great to have amazing content but you also have to live in the moment and enjoy your time without worrying about posting or getting the perfect Instagram worthy shot. Congrats on your YouTube Channel babe! That is so exciting and I can’t wait to check it out as I am a denim lover as well! xoxo, Christine

    • poseandrepeat

      Thanks for the lovely comment Christine! Isn’t it great to just have a break from everything once in a while? Thanks for watching the video, hope you got some denim inspo from it! xx

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